Serif Affinity Photo/Designer/Publisher

I'm by no means a graphic designer or professional photographer, but I've spent a lot of time dabbling in both raster and vector editing in my spare time. Be it from amateur photography projects or designing icons for apps/websites. I've given it all a go.

One of the big barriers for doing so smoothly has been the tools. There are some fantastic professional tools out there but often they prove very costly for inconsistent personal use.

Back in 2016, a colleague recommended Affinity Photo/Designer to me. I couldn't believe such a reasonably priced series of tools could seriously be an alternative. After a small time trying them out, it was clear I was wrong. Since then, I've used both Photo and Designer for so many personal projects and have found them brilliant and reliable.

I'm in no way affiliated with Serif, other than being a long-term user of their software and want to share a recommendation.

They currently have a 50% off sale, an absolute bargain. If you like photo editing or vector design, go check them out šŸ˜Ž.

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